Terms and Conditions of Service


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Terms and conditions are set out to explain your rights, obligations & responsibilities. And those of Andy Removals and Storage. The word ‘you’ refers to the customer ‘we’ or ‘us’ means Andy Removals and Storage. Conditions may only be changed after written agreement from us. Liability for loss or damage is limited, so we have included insurance cover in our estimate. The insurance conditions are separate from our conditions as that contract is between yourselves and the insurers. See section Terms and Conditions


Our Standard Insurance covers loss and breakages to items owned by the customer and moved under the terms of contract overleaf.

Breakages are defined as anything packed by us and is subsequently found to be broken, provided that it was not previously repaired or not of sufficient quality of manufacture to withstand standard packing procedure. Suitably wrapped and packed in cardboard boxes.

Anything of special value must be pointed out before packing so that special packaging can be undertaken.

Boxes packed by the customer are covered for breakage if dropped by the porters or insufficient attention is taken to instructions on the box.

Handling of furniture. The utmost care will be taken in handling of furniture while in the house or on the transport vehicle. That includes blanket wrapping where necessary to avoid damage during transit.

Unless an extra-agreed price is paid, furniture will not be prewrapped in bubble wrap or paper wrapping.

Accidental scuffs and scratches made to furniture, walls or structures, due to furniture having to be manoeuvred through tight corners or doorways are not the responsibility of the carrier.

Furniture damages, caused by inferior construction, fragility due to ageing; natural wear and tear; infestation etc., is not the responsibility of the carrier.

Claims will be assessed on the age and condition of the item or the effect that the damage may have on the intrinsic value of the ite. If we have been negligent

While the utmost care is taken in handling large amounts of furniture, boxes and pictures by our employees accidental damage may occur and claims should pointed out to the supervisor if possible on the day and be made in writing within 5 days of your move. If in storage claims to be made after unpacking

We are not liable for damage to clip frame pictures i.e. those with glass clipped to a back board, as the slightest movement is liable to crack them.

Our own chosen experts undertake repairs, unless we agree to have the customer replace or repair any damaged items that are not excluded. An estimate for the cost must be provided and agreed prior to the work going ahead.

Acceptance of estimate confirms agreement to terms & conditions.

Dismantling and reassembling of furniture, plumbing washing machines, dishwashers etc., all are undertaken at the owners own risk.

Payment is strictly on completion. No insurance claims will be considered until all monies have been received.

Storage Terms and Conditions.
1.   For late payment of bill over 90 days, a charge of 6% over bank base rate will be levied.
2.   Goods will not be released until all charges are paid in full.
3.   If no payment is made for 3 months we reserve the right to sell your furniture to settle the non payment of outstanding invoices.